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About Us

Because Thoughtful Is Easy

Our story is pretty simple. We like getting cards in the mail, and we think other people do too. We like hearing from friends and family. We like good design and nice paper. We believe being kind and thoughtful matters now more than ever. And that taking a few, tiny seconds out of your day to show someone you care can make a big difference.


Send-Say takes what is now a multi-step process, and condenses it into a 30-second, on-demand activity. You choose a card, personalize it, and speak or type your message – choosing a handwriting font that looks most like yours. We look up the address (from your address book or from public databases), print the card and envelope, add postage and mail it.


For less than the cost of a card and stamp, you can send a thank-you note, a birthday card or holiday greeting – instantly. The way you send a gift with Amazon, you can send a card with Send-Say.


Send-Say will remind you of upcoming holidays or events. You can set reminders and we’ll alert you when, say, a birthday is coming up. You can tell us the holidays you celebrate too. We’ll give you a heads up as they approach so you never miss an occasion to send a card.


Send-Say is ideal for professional correspondence and for thank-you notes. After a job interview, you can send a thank-you note before you reach the parking lot. After a birthday party, wedding, or shower, you can tackle dozens of thank-you notes quickly and with ease.

We hope you love using Send-Say - and we hope the people receiving your cards love it too!